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Pyra Vastu

Pyra Vastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe. Here we utilize our own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow.

In the past our rishis were fully aware of the miraculous power of pyramid and were successfully using these in the forms of various yantras like the most powerful SHREE YANTRA and MERU CHAKRA which form the scientific angle are also a kind of PYRAMID. THE pyramid has been known from ancient times as a powerful design that connects to energy forces and its shape is identified with healing qualities

Pyra Vastu is a practical art to harmonize - mind, body and spirit with the environment, by just placing pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra at appropriate locations; to achieve health, happiness and prosperity. PyraVastu is ideal for correcting Vastu and feng shui defects without physical- alteration, shifting or breaking home, shop or factory.

PyraVastu is complementary to Vastu and Feng Shui but its dynamic action starts exactly at the opposite end. It is just like using medicine and meditation for achieving health. To have a home 'sweet- home' is our basic need. Peace, harmony, prosperity and health is what we desire there. Vastu and Feng Shui harmonize our spirit, home and environment. In spite of this, these arts are practically impossible to apply wholly. By using the core principles of Vastu, Feng Shui and other ancient sciences Pyra Vastu Has been invented.

Pyra Vastu Few common Applications

  • Vastu Pyramids are effectively used to remove negative energy blocks and can be placed effectively in the missing corners in a home or office.
  • Placing Vastu pyramids in all the 4 corners of your room can energize the room by providing good energy flow which helps to transform your life positively and helps creates coordination and removes personal conflicts.
  • Having a Vastu pyramid on your office table can help remove negativity and channelize positive energy flow thus improving the ambience and providing growth and prosperity.
  • Vastu Pyramids energize water therefore water kept under pyramid is positively charged and helps digestion and relief from stomach problems.
  • Vastu Pyramids channelize positive energy flow, therefore meditating under a pyramid shape structure helps in meditation and concentration.
  • Any food products kept under a Vastu pyramid helps to keep it fresh for a longer period of time.

Pyramids of Egypt

  • The average height of all land above sea level is given to be 455 feet and amazingly the height of Pyramid is also 454.5 feet. (without the capstone)
  • The Pyramid has puzzled and fascinated mankind since ages. Its history, its size, its engineering and its era have always been a mystery. But most astonishing of all is its function. Why was it built? Why was it only of that shape? How does it work?
  • What is the Pyramid? A message left by the Gods? The store house of earth's past and future? A mechanism for concentrating unseen psychic energies? A royal tomb? A treasure house? An astronomical observatory? What ever it is, it has always been tantalizing and dazzling to us.
  • A few years ago, examining the body of an Egyptian princess Mene whose body had lain for millenia in Pyramid, researchers determined that her skin cells were still capable of life, though, the princess was dead for almost 3000 years! Amazing, Isn't it?

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Vastu Consultation

सुख और समृद्धि, उत्तम दांपत्य जीवन, स्वास्थ्य और रोग से मुक्ति, घर और व्यवसाय में सफलता, उत्तम शिक्षा, गृह कलह से शांति, कर्ज से मुक्ति, अथक प्रयास के बाद भी सफलता में कमी और एक बेहतर जीवन के लिए संपर्क करें - वास्तु शास्त्री बिमलेश कुमार जी से |

बिमलेश कुमार जी के लगभग 500 से अधिक लेख वास्तु शास्त्र पर विभिन्न पत्र, पत्रिकाओं व अख़बारों में प्रकाशित हो चुके हैं | एवं विभिन्न टेलिविज़न चैनलों पर हजारों प्रोग्राम दे चुके हैं |

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